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The Stand Up Colorado Campaign is paused for 2023. To get help to change your behaviors, call the A Call For Change Helpline at 877-898-3411 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. MT. Friends, family, and professionals who want to help someone stop harming their partner are also encouraged to call.


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What is Stand Up Colorado?

Stand Up Colorado is a statewide, collaborative, multi-year project that goes beyond raising awareness to alter behaviors and affect long-term social change.

Change is possible

Working together, we can create a future in Colorado that values health and well-being, and does not tolerate relationship violence in any form. Join the Movement today:

Why Stand Up?

Relationship violence impacts every community in our state:


1 in 7

people in Colorado experience relationship violence.



people in Colorado died in one year due to relationship violence.


1 in 5

homicides in Colorado are connected to relationship violence.



of relationship violence is never reported to law enforcement.

2 in 5

women experiencing relationship violence have a child in the home.



of animal abuse occurs when the owner is in an abusive relationship.

Stand Up Goals

We will Stand Up across Colorado and:

Increase understanding

of relationship violence.

Engage the community

in preventative action.

Create a social climate

that doesn’t tolerate violence.

Provide a statewide helpline

that serves anyone and everyone.

Support behavior change

for people who use abusive behaviors.

Decrease relationship violence

in Colorado and beyond.

When we Stand Up

Research shows that addressing relationship violence will advance health and well-being by:

  • Promoting healthy relationship behaviors
  • Reducing homelessness and poverty
  • Decreasing child abuse and neglect
  • Decreasing bullying in schools and online
  • Increasing the safety of our communities

Stand Up Values

At the foundation of the Movement are these core principles:

  • Relationship violence can happen to anyone
  • The burden to end relationship violence shouldn’t be placed on those experiencing abuse
  • A positive, non-shaming and people-first approach will empower people to change
  • Change is possible and expected for both individuals and communities
  • Relationship violence is never OK
  • The responsibility for ending relationship violence lies first with those using abusive behaviors
  • The community has a responsibility to change the culture that allows relationship violence to exist
  • All forms of oppression are interconnected and social justice work is critical to ending relationship violence
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The Stand Up Colorado campaign is on pause for 2023.

To get help to change your behaviors, call the A Call For Change Helpline at 877-898-3411 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. MT. Friends, family, and professionals who want to help someone stop harming their partner are also encouraged to call.

Individuals experiencing abuse can access support 24/7 from the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233.

If you have questions for Violence Free Colorado (Stand Up Colorado’s parent organization) please contact

Thank you for your interest in Stand Up Colorado and violence prevention.