Stand Up Colorado

The Movement

It’s time. The Movement to end relationship violence is here.

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The Movement is here

It’s time to Stand Up Colorado! Join the Movement today and help us create a future free from relationship violence.

Relationship violence is not inevitable.
It is preventable.

Working together, we will inspire:


Increase community understanding of relationship violence.


Engage the community in coordinated preventative action.


Create community-specific responses to relationship violence.

Behavior Change

Support behavior change for people using abusive behaviors.

Decreased Violence

Decrease the incidence of relationship violence in Colorado.


Create a social climate of zero-tolerance for relationship violence.

Stand Up Communities

Leading the Movement at the grassroots level, organizations across the state of Colorado are working to bring the Stand Up message to their local community.

Join the Movement

Are you ready to Stand Up and become part of the Movement that is going to create a future free from relationship violence? Join the Movement today: 

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