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Know the Signs

These signs indicate that a relationship could be abusive or heading towards it:


Invading privacy

Curiosity is natural, but looking through their phone or device is invasive and a sign of control.


Threatening pets

Threatening to harm, take, or abandon a pet is coercive and a sign more violent behaviors could lie ahead.


Constant criticism

It can be frustrating when people make mistakes, but constantly criticizing them is a sign of emotional abuse.


Mind games

Confusing them or twisting information to make them feel “crazy” is a sign of psychological abuse.


Blaming the bottle

Having one too many is never an excuse. Alcohol and drugs don’t lead to violence in healthy relationships.


Controlling money

Making all the financial decisions and controlling all the money is a sign of financial abuse.


Sexual coercion

Pressuring them to have sex or perform an act they aren’t comfortable with is a sign of sexual abuse.


Breaking stuff

Breaking or trashing things is a form of intimidation and a sign of an abusive relationship.



Friendly teasing can be a sign of comfort, but embarrassing or humiliating them is a sign of emotional abuse.

Notice a sign?

If one of these signs is present in your or someone else’s relationship, you can:

Learn More

Every relationship is different, so patterns of abuse can be hard to identify.

Ask for Help

Navigating relationship abuse isn't easy. We're here for you.

Help Someone

If you notice these signs in someone else's relationship, you can help.

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