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Helpline currently down

Part of our obligation to build trust with communities across Colorado is to be there when we ask people to reach out for help to change their behaviors. Right now, we’re falling short. We’re making every effort to get our Helpline running again and connect you to the resources you need. We’ll be sure to update our website and social media when it’s working again.

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2 thoughts on “Helpline currently down”

  1. Hello Michael,

    My name is Olivia Mackey, Hotline manager for Deaf Hotline (National Deaf Domestic Violence Hotline) with the ADWAS(Abused Deaf Women Advocacy Service). I am reaching out to seek if your organization do provide the Batterers Intervention Program workshop?
    We are looking for the BIP training for our advocates to give good support and services for the abuser who contact us.

    Looking forward to receive your reply soon,


      Hi Olivia, thanks for your question! We do not provide that training ourselves. We are taking a training soon from this organization out of Massachusetts, called Growing A New Heart: Their curriculum “Compassionate Accountable Conversations” is supposed to address the skill-building required to talk with a person using abusive behaviors about seeking support/behavior change. You could try getting in touch with them directly if you’re interested!

      If you are looking for BIP training/certification, I wonder if getting in touch with your local governing body that decides certification processes for DV offender treatment would be helpful:
      Or, potentially Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs would have more information:

      Please feel free to get in touch with us at with any other questions! Thanks! – Stand Up Colorado and Violence Free Colorado Staff

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