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Teen Dating Violence

Relationship violence doesn’t just occur in adult relationships where a couple is married or living together, but begins as soon as we start to date in high school and college. Not only does a majority of violent behavior begin between the ages of 12-18, but people experience the highest rates of relationship violence between 18-24.

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Power & Control

Why do people use abusive behaviors? The answer to this question evades most of us in the general public – even those that use or experience them – and is often replaced by a number of myths that have been perpetuated for decades. Learn more about the role power and control plays in relationship violence.

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Relationship Violence in Colorado

What if it’s not rare? What if it isn’t happening less? What if it doesn’t just happen in “that community” to “those people”? What if it’s a widespread epidemic that is negatively impacting the communities in which we all live, work, play and raise children?

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Welcome to Stand Up Colorado

Relationship violence is not inevitable. It is preventable. Together, we will create a future free from relationship violence in Colorado and beyond. Learn more about the Movement, what we Stand Up for and how we are bringing together organizations and individuals across the state to prevent abuse.

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